29.08. VERNISSAGE: MARYLOU ZUZARTE / Goa: Celebrating the Cuisine

Foto/ Video/ food experiences

29.08.  /  19:00 Uhr






„Goa: Celebrating the Cuisine“
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Goa: Celebrating the Cuisine is an exhibition of photographs, videos and food experiences exploring the cuisine of Goa, India and the people who preserve their traditions, by Dr Marylou Zuzarte.


Food connects people and is universal. When we harvest, prepare, cook and eat; we reminisce, share and tell the stories of our lives. This exhibition celebrates Goans and their cuisine.


“I’m a photographer and former scientist who lives in Berlin. I was born and raised in East Africa to Goan parents and this project began in 2016 as a search for my identity. As I immersed myself in the culture and cuisine, I not only uncovered more of my Goan history but also witnessed the diaspora and contemporary challenges of the people who were preserving generations of tradition. This inspired me to honour them through photography and return to Goa across three years and spend time with the people. While they planted, harvested, fished, prepared, cooked, and sold their produce, I was there to document the rituals, ceremonies and stories that occurred around the cuisine—in the home and outside of it—and often solely performed by tireless women in their mission to uphold the family and community.


My upbringing involved a mixed kitchen of African, Goan and British influences and my longing for a true Goan fish curry, led me back to Goa to reconnect and explore this rapidly changing food culture. Goa: Celebrating the Cuisine at Zimt & Zucker explores a “first taste” of this project.”


Marylou Zuzarte, June 2019

image credits: Marylou Zuzarte

Marylou Zuzarte